Welcome To My Blog

Welcome to my blog!  I discuss my approach to treating chronic and hard to fix health conditions using neurology, chiropractic and functional metabolic assessments….all naturally!

Weekly, I post information on this site that reinforces the care you might receive at Lake Norman Health & Wellness.

I am now Board Certified in Integrative Medicine from the American Association of Integrative Medicine, an accrediting body with a goal of promoting the development of integrative medicine, with a belief that this is truly the way to practice medicine in the 21st century. The AAIM is focused on establishing integrative treatment protocols-including allopathic medicine where appropriate-that result in improved patient outcomes. I am proud of the coursework I have completed to have the added designation BCIM after my name.

I would love an opportunity to meet you and discuss your health needs in person.  Please contact the office:

Lake Norman Health & Wellness

19607 West Catawba Ave, Cornelius, NC

phone:  704-987-3993