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My condition prior to receiving treatment from Dr. Akiba Green was, by far, the worst it had ever been. I would wake up feeling exhausted and sluggish after a restless night’s sleep and as my day would progress, so would my aches and pains in my neck and shoulders. I had a slight case of vertigo which just added to my overall feeling of just not feeling right. I would take ibuprofen almost on a daily basis to relieve my migraine headaches which I suffered from regularly, but the relief I got was only temporary. Overall, I just didn’t feel right.


Since my treatments with Dr. Akiba Green, I cannot express how grateful I am to him for bringing me back to health. In my year of treatment, I have not taken a single ibuprofen tablet, I have not suffered a single migraine headache and my aches and pains in my neck and shoulders are down to minimal. This is no coincidence. I have always been a firm believer in chiropractic care and had received it for several years prior to being under the care of Dr. Green. However, I had never experienced the great results that I have since being under Dr. Green’s care. His ethics and approach to caring for his patients are undoubtedly the most genuine and effective and, by far, the most comprehensive.”


Thank you, Dr. Green for making me feel great!” – Lizette


Initially, I came to see Dr. Green as a post-surgical failure.  My lower back was unbearable and was affecting my neck.  I could not sleep, exercise, or do any movement without my neck and back in spasms.”


Throughout my treatments with Dr. Green I have experienced many forms of traction which completely corrected my “Reverse S” neck curve.  My lower back curve was flat and is now back to a normal, healthy curve.  Althoguh I still experience flare ups with my back, these are due to my unfortunate surgical leftovers, scar tissue and degenerative disc.”


“Dr. Green has helped me not only with his chiropractic care, but he continues to research my condition and new ways to help me via exercise, nutrition, etc.  He is a miracle!” – Kristia


“When we arrived to Doctor Green’s office my wife was suffering from constant lower back pain and I had recurring upper back pain. We wrongfully assumed these were all normal things attributed to the stressful lives we all live nowadays. Doctor Green corrected our misconception and explained to us I was having bad posture problems and my wife was suffering from the effects of a car accident from a few years ago. Over the last few months we have seen consistent improvement and we have become true advocates of chiropractic corrective therapy. What has been most valuable to us is not just the fact we no longer have the recurring pain that we assumed was so normal before, but that we are now in control and taking proactive steps towards maintaining our body in the best condition possible so that we can do the things we like for many more decades to come.” –  The Zamora Family


“At about age 18, I began experiencing fairly chronic but mild pain in my knees and lower back. Also, for as long as I can remember, I’ve suffered from frequent headaches (approximately 2 to 3 per week). For the knee pain and headaches, it would not be uncommon for me to take Advil two to three times per week. While I went to an orthopedist at age 18 for my knee pain (for which he gave me exercises that were minimally helpful), I assumed that my lower back pain and headaches were “normal” experiences.”


“After several episodes of acute back pain in my mid twenties and early thirties, I decided to seek out chiropractic intervention. I have been to several other chiropractors before finding Dr. Green, but it wasn’t until Dr. Green started treating me that I realized what I was missing. While my other chiropractors administered standard adjustments, none addressed my posture (forward head tilt and loss of curve to my neck, loss of curve to my lower back, and one leg being shorter that the other), and subsequently, my symptom relief was minimal.”


“Dr. Green has addressed all of these factors with a commitment towards achieving and maintaining health rather than focusing solely on symptom reduction. It wasn’t until I began receiving treatment from Dr. Green that I realized that headaches and dull / mild lower back pain AREN’T NORMAL. The frequency of my headaches has reduced from 2 to 3 times per week to 2 to three times per month, and aside from a rare flare-up, my lower back has never felt better.”


“I was referred to Dr. Green by a women I worked with who had been helped by his treatment. She heard me comment on how painful my sciatica was and felt he could help. After my preliminary exam and x-rays, we found out that my posture was terrible and a dowagers hump would be in my future, if I didn’t make some changes.”


“After adjustments and stretches, my sciatica disappeared and never returned. We began neck and lower back traction and slowly my curves started moving in the right direction. I also noticed fewer headaches, which I discovered was a result of my head being to far forward. As my posture improved, I felt better and co-workers actually noticed that I didn’t walk leaning forward anymore”


“My job included a repetitive motion that was causing a lot of pain in my hip, back, and leg. Dr. Green gave me exercises, stretches, and treatments to alleviate the pain and strengthen my core. Most importantly, he not only treated my pain and back problems, but encouraged total body wellness. He has helped me with natural supplements, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.” – Carol

“Hi, my name is Kari Zent and this is my family, my husband Kip and my two kids, Anthony and Sophia. We just moved here from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now I’m not a stranger to Chiropractic care but I thought to myself what am I going to do now? Where am I going to find another good Chiropractor? Well thank God we met up with John Bradford our Realtor (Great realtor by the way) he suggested we see his Chiropractor Dr. Green.”
“I have to admit I was skeptical at first. I’ve been to chiropractors and although I feel better when I leave the pain soon returns. I never seemed to get better. One thing in particular was my neck. I haven’t been able to look up for probably over 10 years, but I figured new state, new doctor that John Bradford swears by…I’ll give it a try. I was impressed with the depth in which Dr. Green goes to for patient care and treatment. I remember thinking “ok this might work.” I made sure I did whatever he asked of me because let me tell you 10 years of pain is not fun and I didn’t have anything to lose.”
“Well, this turned out to be the best move ever. Dr. Green is so involved in individual patient care and making sure that he listens and gives the best treatment available to help heal each particular issue and each body as a whole. He doesn’t just cover up existing pains, he makes them go away and stay away. I love the computer program that allows the patient to actually see their improvement. I’m sure its great for medical reasons but it’s also wonderful for patient motivation.”
“To my amazement it’s been working. I can’t believe it! I’m feeling better, my pain level has decreased and best of all I can now put my head back and look up at the stars with my kids. Unbelievable! Dr. Green you are a GOD SEND!”
“More people need to realize that Chiropractic care really works and if you can start early enough the better. I’ve been taking my two kids to see Dr. Green and they have not been sick yet, other kids around them are getting sick but not them and it’s been close to a year. Can you imagine a 3 and 5 year old not getting sick in a year….that’s wonderful!! I suggest everyone bring their kids in. It’s not scary, my kids love to see Dr. Green. They might destroy his office but they sure love coming here.”
“Oh, and lets not forget about his wonderful chiropractic techs Melissa and Candace. They are really great, always happy and willing to help. It’s been a great experience. Thank you all so much!” -Kari
“Success is a recipe that contains many ingredients. Dr. Green has been one of the main ingredients for my success as a patient. When first under Dr. Green’s care, I was having frequent back pain, decreased range of motion, and decreased flexibility. I exhibited very poor posture and spinal malalignment. I began treatment three times per week, low back and cervical traction, and adjustments. I had ups and downs, at times experiencing severe back pain, headaches, knee pain, and TMJ pain (just to name a few). Dr. Green addressed these concerns as they occurred but did not hesitate to recommend me to other specialists and colleagues when he felt it necessary.”
“While seeing the specialists, I continued adjunct treatment with Dr. Green. His holistic approach during this time proved most beneficial in continuing with my treatment plan. He utilized traction, tread mill, electrical stimulation, massage, and exercises as part of my therapy. Unfortunately, some of my diagnoses are chronic such as arthritis and degenerative joint disease. However, Dr. Green has been most instrumental in decreasing some of the pain I was experiencing on an everyday basis, educating me, and helping me plan for a healthier future. His concern for his patients is sincere and his approach is whole-hearted.”
“I continue to hit some speed bumps but overall I have come quite a distance. My visits to Dr. Green have decreased in frequency which in his line of work usually means progress has been made. I thank him and his staff for all that they have done for me and for my family. I am now able to be more successful as a woman, parent, daughter, friend, etc. because of the attention given to me by Dr. Green and his staff at Lake Norman Health and Wellness.” -Amy
“I met Dr. Akiba Green four years ago. I had whiplash from three accidents in four years time. I was getting adjusted from another chiropractor however, I was not improving. There was no curvature in my neck and I had too much curvature in my low back. I was in a lot of pain.”
“I am thankful my family and I have met Dr. Green. He has corrected my spinal curvatures and reduced my pain. My husband Bryan and I have been bringing our son to Dr. Green since he was 4 days old. He is now 22 months old and the adjustments have reduced the amount of ear infections my son has had.”
“We appreciate the healing we have received.” – The Fass Family
“I’ve had upper back and neck soreness since high school sports, but my pain reached its max this summer. I woke up with pinched nerves and radiating pain and numbness one morning; I couldn’t take the pain another day.”
“Dr. Green did a thorough assessment and came up with a treatment schedule that he believed would work. I was a little skeptical but was willing to do whatever it took. Seven months later I feel remarkably better and my neck and shoulders no longer make that awful cracking sound.”
“I am recently experiencing new pains due to my first pregnancy. I am due the end of April and thankfully have Dr. Green’s guidance and chiropractic support to ease some of the tension related to my expanding belly.” – Lindsey
“Over the past 20 years Ted and Nancy have been under chiropractic care with various doctors in Atlanta. When we were new to the Lake Norman area one of Dr. Green’s patients highly recommended him to Ted. After treatments for pain and numbness in his arm, Ted was relieved to realize this was an alternative to possible surgery for his Carpal Tunnel symptoms. So when our teenage son, Vic, complained of back pain we brought him in to see Dr. Green. Not only was Vic’s pain relieved through adjustments but Dr. Green showed us through photography how his posture was affected. The before and after photos show a big improvement in just one year! The guys have both benefited from exercises and shoe inserts recommended by Dr. Green too.”
“Well, that was enough evidence for me, Nancy, to be persuaded to return to chiropractic care under Dr. Green. I had recently tried physical therapy, and while pain in my neck and back was relieved during therapy, it had returned. Now Dr. Green is actually changing the curve in my back that has caused the pain as well as providing tools I can use at home, along with exercise. I’m finding out I don’t have to walk around just blocking out the pain anymore, I can actually feel good. It’s good to know our family will feel better as we camp, bike, play golf and basketball, hike and snow ski. ” -The Griffin Family


“I thought as you age all the little aches and pains were normal. I had neck pain, shoulder pain, and it seems everyone has some back pain. I felt old and thought this is the way it’s going to be. My back pain was from an injury in 2004. In November 2007, my back pain re-occurred and I was referred to Lake Norman Health and Wellness. Dr. Green has helped to alleviate the aches and pains in my neck, shoulder, and back. I feel so much better and can do all the things I was afraid to do.”


“I look forward to my appointment each week. Dr. Green and his staff really care about their patients. They greet you with warm smiles and friendly attitudes.” – Candi

“Before I started my treatment with Dr. Green, I had been under the care of a chiropractor for twenty-eight years. This doctor suddenly quit his practice and I had no chiropractic care for over two years!”
“I then went to Dr. Hines at Southlake Sports and Spine. I was having severe back pain along with pain in my legs which kept me awake most nights. After several months of treatment (since I didn’t want shots for the pain) Dr. Hines referred me to Dr. Green! (Thank Goodness) Dr. Green examined me, did x-rays and determined my neck was out of line causing me to have forward head posture and I had lower back problems which was causing my leg pain.”
“Since coming to Dr. Green almost two years ago my posture has improved, my back pain has diminished considerably, and my leg pain only flairs up now and then. However Dr. Green takes care of that with his adjustments. I am so pleased with Dr. Green that I have referred several of my friends to him. They too are happy with his chiropractic care”
“I am very grateful to Dr. Green for seeing me whenever I have a problem in between appointments. He has helped me with my sinus headaches and allergies as well.”
“I want to thank Dr. Green and his assistant, Melissa for keeping me standing straight and tall with very little pain!” – Joan
“There are those of you who will read this success story and be able to relate, unequivocally. For the rest of you who are just beginning your journey towards good health, my advice to you is to hang in there; the rewards are worth the effort”
“Some of you may be as I was over a year ago – unfamiliar and skeptical of the benefits of seeing a chiropractor regularly. I have experienced first hand the benefits of dedicating ones self to Dr. Green’s practice, so let my story soothe your anxieties:
“My voyage towards renewed spinal health began at a low point over three years ago when my back pain became so unbearable that I was barely able to attend to normal life activities. After repeated unproductive visits to spinal specialists and physical therapists for nearly two years, I began to believe that my physical condition would never improve. While browsing the Internet looking for answers, I was introduced to Dr. Green’s practice. To this day I still feel that finding him may be the best thing that’s ever happened to my well-being.”
“Now that I’ve been under the care of Dr. Green for over a year, I feel my active and social life is complete again. I rarely ever find myself in pain and am able to face the tallest physical challenges head on and without hesitation. So to you, the patient that is stuck on the treadmill with ankle weights around your forehead or the chiropractic newbie awaiting your first adjustment, fear not; the gateway to good health stands before you.” – Matt S.
“I started coming here a week after I was born. Being born can be rough so Daddy wanted to make sure everything was okay. Since then I come in on a regular basis to stay aligned – this has helped to keep my whole body healthy! Sometimes I need an extra trip if I take a tumble or two – that seems to help and take care of any aches and pains!”
“I know that everyone here will take great care of me. Some new treatments are being offered now. While I hope the steps that Mom and Dad have taken keep me from needing anything more than regular care, these new treatments may help you or someone else!” -Addison


“As an avid power lifter for the last 7 years, my spine was subjected to a lot of heavy wear and tear. A few months ago I completed my personal best bench press in a power lifting competition. Unfortunately, the success came with a price. Dr. Green has diagnosed me with a herniated L5-S1 disc and has been treating me with spinal decompression, chiropractic adjustments, and a variety of stretches and exercises. The pain in my back is gradually decreasing, and I have been able to start sleeping through the night again. Recently, I have been able to start going to the gym again as well – This time being a lot more careful about my back. Thanks Dr. Green” – Matt C.

“In September-October of 2006 when I first started coming to see Dr. Green, I had thrown my back out and could hardly walk. Referred by my friend Joan Davis, I was able to see Dr. Green ASAP. Dr. Green took x-rays along with the history of injuries to my body through the years. He started treating my back and neck because of degenerative disease, scoliosis, and arthritis in many areas of the body. I had fractured 2 vertebrates at age 12, broke my left shoulder and collar bone falling off a ladder, 5 years later while snow blowing I slipped and broke my wrist, elbow, and shoulder. I was also suffering from a pinched sciatic nerve. I really needed the magical hands, adjustments, and treatments to sustain the quality of life I wanted. I would not have been able to if not for Dr. Green and his staff.”
“Recently, the last 2 months, I am undergoing spinal decompression and inferred laser treatments for my neuropathy. I am nearly pain free in my back after suffering more than 50 years. So am I a happy camper? You bet I am!”
“Thank you Dr. Green and staff.” – JoAn G.


“For years I suffered from severe neck and shoulder pain, as well as migraines. I also developed numbness in the left arm during sleep, which was quite disconcerting to me. Initial treatment provided me with relief from the shoulder and neck pain. My migraines disappeared as well! Unfortunately the numbness of the left arm was not changing. After an MRI, Dr. Green and I decided that Spinal Decompression Therapy would be my best route, outside of surgery. Well I just completed my final Spinal Decompression Therapy and I am a passionate advocate of the treatment. I am sleeping better, numbness is gone, and my range of motion is back. I highly recommend Spinal Decompression for those suffering from spinal pain.” – Vanelle

“I had severe pain in my lower back and radiating pain down my right leg and into the foot. I also had numbness in my right foot and outer calf.”
“After treatment the pain in the lower back is gone and I have minor pain radiating down my leg, mostly toward the ankle, that also seems to be going away slowly but surely. The numbness is almost completely gone and I hardly notice it most of the time. It’s great to be mobile again!!!!” – Rustin
“Before treatment I had a herniated disc in my lower back. I was not able to move without severe pain. I was barely able to perform daily tasks such as getting out of the car.”
“Approximately 4 months after routine visits, I am pain free! I was very skeptical that I would escape the possibility of back surgery. I’m very pleased with the outcome and progress of my treatments with Dr. Green.” – Susan


“I came to see Dr. Green after dealing with low back pain and neck pain for several years. After receiving treatment for a couple of months and being advised by Dr. Green to do specific exercises to strengthen my lower back and core, I have already noticed a tremendous improvement!”


“I feel like I have an increased level of energy and can enjoy most of my hobbies pain free!” – Lara T.


“I no longer walk like a caveman, and I am now able to sleep through the night without whimpering in pain!” – Josh B.