RepairVite Leaky Gut Repair Program

My office uses a program from Apex called Repairvite which allows us to properly heal your leaky gut syndrome, or intestinal permeability, which is often the cause of many areas of dysfunction in a patient’s health, from thyroid problems, to cortisol problems, to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) to ADD/ADHD.

RepairVite from Apex Energetics (available at our office) is an essential part of the nutritional program designed by our office to support your intestinal health. A better understanding of the nutritional benefits of RepairVite will assist you in using this product more effectively. The digestive tract is the part of our body that allows absorption of what we eat into our internal environment. The digestive tract is a long tube that starts in the esophagus and ends in the colon and rectum. Once food is eaten, the digestive system releases enzymes to break down food into small particles so they can be absorbed by intestinal mucosa. The tight junctions between intestinal mucosal cells allow only the absorption of tiny particles that the underlying intestinal immune system does not react against.

If the digestive system is working properly, we have maximum absorption of nutrients, resulting in energy and vitality. When the digestive system is not working well, we have bloating, systemic inflammation, skin rashes, food sensitivities, constipation, abdominal discomfort, fatigue, and many other diverse non-specific symptoms such as headaches, poor mood, joint pain, muscle fatigue, etc.

The digestive tract may become compromised with a diet high in refined sugar, a diet low in fiber, as well as antibiotics, medications, stress, parasitic infections, bacterial infections, nutrient deficiencies, and alcohol use. These mechanisms may promote inflammation of the intestinal tract and lead to increased intestinal permeability.

The RepairVite Program

The RepairVite program is an aggressive and complete regimen designed to break the vicious cycle of leaky gut. It consists of a restricted dietary program (to reduce intestinal inflammation) as well as targeted nutritional supplements that are required for several days to help support intestinal membranes. The program may need to be conducted for 20-40 days for more progressed cases and can be conducted for as few as 3 days for quick recovery after exposure to food sensitivities. To determine the appropriate length of program for you, please consult Dr. Green.

Adjunct Products to Assist with RepairVite

In addition to the strict dietary changes and the RepairVite program, two additional supplements can enhance the regimen. The first product is a probiotic by Klaire Labs called Therbiotic Complete, which provides beneficial bacterial probiotics to support intestinal microflora. The second product, from Apex – GI-Synergy, provides a diverse set of natural compounds that contain natural anti-bacterial, anti-yeast, and anti-parasitic properties to support healthy intestinal terrain. The combination of these two formulas supplies the necessary nutrients to support and maintain healthy intestinal lining.

Lastly, once the RepairVite program is completed, it is strongly suggested to complete the 21-day ClearVite liver detoxification support program which Dr. Green uses as an initial and follow-up cleanse / detox / elimination diet.

The RepairVite Diet

The RepairVite regimen requires a very strict dietary program necessary for repair of the intestinal membranes. The dietary restrictions are not caloric (quantity of food), so you are allowed to eat whenever you are hungry. However, you must only eat from the list of allowed foods. The goal of the dietary program is to reduce intestinal inflammation and provide nutrients necessary for healthy intestinal microflora. The dietary restrictions include high-sugar foods and starchy carbohydrates that promote intestinal yeast overgrowth, inflammatory proteins (dairy, gluten, etc.), inflammatory lectins, and alcohol that all promote destruction of the intestinal membranes.

You are allowed to eat food with high fiber content, such as vegetables and low glycemic fruits. Also, eat foods with healthy essential fatty acids such as olives, olive oil, and fish*.
Eat foods that are fermented to help improve the health of the intestinal microflora, as well as proteins, such as meats, that are not inflammatory.

You should make strong attempts to eat frequently during the day in order to maintain stabilized blood glucose levels. It is not a good idea to fast during the RepairVite program, since it may raise a hormone called cortisol that may further compromise the intestinal mucosa. You should never be hungry during the RepairVite program.

However, you may have urges to eat foods on the restricted list that must be avoided.

The complete avoidance of restricted foods cannot be overemphasized. Even small snacks or bites of the inflammatory foods can create an immune reaction in the intestinal membranes that may last for several days and compromise the successful outcome of this program. You must stay hydrated and drink plenty of water during the program, especially if you begin eating more fiber than you are accustomed.  Hydration will help support normal bowel function as you increase fiber in your diet.
You should eat fermented foods as much as possible because they can help provide nutrients that your intestinal microflora needs to optimize its environment. The first few days of the diet are the most difficult, since you may suffer from food cravings and may need to spend more time and energy preparing your meals. As you get past the first few days of the program, it should become much easier. It is always best to preplan your meals and snacks for the following day when you are in this program.

The dietary changes are supported with RepairVite and other nutritional supplements to optimize the best outcome, while conforming to the strict dietary regimen.

Science-Guided Nutrition

When the lining of the small intestine becomes too porous, it allows entry of toxins, microorganisms, and undigested food particles into the bloodstream and triggers an inflammatory immune response. Intestinal barrier compromise has been associated with multiple food sensitivities, increased inflammation, autoimmune reactions, chronic fatigue, and diverse gastrointestinal symptoms.
RepairVite is formulated to provide key nutrients to help support intestinal barrier integrity. It contains scientifically researched nutrients such as flavonoids, antioxidants, plant sterols, glycoproteins, and saponins to address the complex nutritional needs to support intestinal lining integrity.

  • Provides glycoproteins to cover mucosa called mucin to support mucosal membrane
  • Supports the regeneration and restoration of the intestinal lining as it relates to nutritional balance
  • Provides natural compounds that may aid in reducing intestinal pain and discomfort
  • Provides extracts with high mucilage content to soothe and help the intestines heal
  • Provides phyto extracts to help modulate gastrointestinal motility and secretion of digestive enzyme

Increased Intestinal Permeability Leaky Gut

When the digestive tract mucosa is inflamed, the tight junctions of the intestinal mucosa are compromised as they become widened and permeable to large, undigested compounds, toxins, and bacteria. This is also known as “leaky gut.” The large compounds of undigested proteins that are absorbed are reacted against by the underlying intestinal immune system and promote exaggerated immune response. This creates a vicious cycle of further intestinal inflammation and greater loss of intestinal barrier integrity.

Therefore, as the intestinal tract becomes inflamed from diet, lifestyle, medications, and infections, it causes further intestinal inflammation, feeding this vicious cycle promoted by intestinal permeability. After the intestinal mucosa becomes damaged, the damaged cells become unable to properly digest food and produce the enzymes necessary for digestion. This leads to malnutrition, further intestinal inflammation, further permeability, the development of food sensitivities, bacteria and yeast overgrowths, and impaired intestinal immune integrity. These self-promoting cycles become difficult to unwind unless aggressive dietary, nutritional, and lifestyle strategies are employed.

Contact Dr. Akiba Green at Lake Norman Health and Wellness at (704) 987-3993 or on the website for more information or to find out if you have Intestinal Permeability / Leaky Gut Syndrome.


  1. christine /

    I started on the repairvite program almost a month ago. But during that time I had a couple cups of coffee and I drank wine. I didn’t realize how important it was to not do this, can I still do the repairvite program or will I be taking it for to long now. I’m suppose to see my doctor soon who put me on it. I’m scared to tell him I messed up. Hope some one answers me soon. Thanks Chris

    • While you want to avoid anything that can cause inflammation in your gut, it is important to realize that this program can take time to fully work. It is very effective, but even if you made a mistake, it will work itself out over time, just learn from it and try to be careful going forward. I hope this helps you!

  2. Farah /

    I started the the first week of the repairvite diet with only taking half the supplements, and after a week had to stop due to feeling totally incapacitated and having a big weekend long project that I needed my brain for. I am going to start the diet and supplements again, but I did feel toxic overload from just half dose. Is it ok to ease into the supplements? Esp. All the anti-‘s. As I now know that it’s leaky gut that I’ve had for years and years, my liver gets easily stressed and bombarding it with toxic wastes of all fungal bacterial and parasite all at once feels like too much.
    Also what about quinoa, technically it’s a seed, why is it a no?

    • Additional thoughts…When you were put on Repairvite, some patients have problems with the glutamine (one of the main ingredients), especially if there is significant inflammation in their GI system. For some people, I will tell them to hold off 2 weeks, and use other supplements like fish oil(I recommend Designs for Health Omega-3 FA), Vitamin D and Curcumin to reduce inflammation, then try Repairvite again. Are you on lots of other supplements or anti-inflammatories? IT sounds like there is more going on wit you than just leaky gut. Other supplements could be contributing to the problem. Speaking with your healthcare provider who prescribed Repairvite or contacting an office like ours to ensure you have proper treatment is very important for long-term health. Good luck!

    • Don Stevens /

      I am wondering if there is any sweetener that can be used with fruit that is allowed on this diet.

      Don Stevens

  3. Susan Holloway /

    How long do you recommend staying on the Repairvite? I am taking it three times a day and I’m just starting week three. I also wondered if I should kick the GI Synergy up to two packets a day. I seem to be ok with it, as long as I drink a lot of water.

    • Susan Holloway /

      I failed to mention that my situation is extreme. I have sensitivities to almost all foods and have not been able to eat normally since 2007. At present, the only foods I can tolerate are chicken breast, eggs, bacon, small amounts of almond milk for my scrambled eggs, lemon juice, aloe vera juice, olive oil and peppermint tea. I eat some spices and use liquid Stevia. I know I shouldn’t eat the eggs and bacon according to this plan, but I have got so bored with chicken breasts. I can’t tolerate any vegetables whether cooked or raw. Greek yogurt and plain yogurt also bother me. I do not eat anything else – no dairy, gluten, lentils, soy, etc.

      • Susan, I would recommend you consult with a doctor in our program, available at to find someone trained in diagnosing your condition properly. Most patients I see with severe food sensitivities have digestive enzyme deficiencies, infections and leaky gut issues which all need to be healed before more foods can be introduced. I recommend a dose of 1 scoop twice per day and GI synergy can be used up to 2 containers (44 days worth). I recommend my patients use between 6-12 pills per day (would be 3-4 packets of the new 3 pill packets in the product versus the old 6 pill packets). If you still fee symptoms beyond that, something else is going on. I use repairvite with some patients for up to 6-9 months, others 20-40 days is adequate. You have very specific issues which need to be addressed in a clinical setting. Do not waste another day trying to self-diagnose your condition as your immune system is likely severely attacking your body and you need professional advice. If I can help find you a doctor, let our office know. Akiba Green, DC

  4. Are seeds such as sunflower and pumpkin allowed on the diet?

    • They sure are. They are loaded with essential fats and oils to help our body function better and are a great alternative to nuts, beans or grains while healing leaky gut.

  5. donna nielsen /

    is there a COMPLETE listing of allowed and not allowed foods anywhere? the list my dr. gave me is very limited and incomplete…and i just found a blog with recipes supposedly allowed with things like sweet potato and carrots and other things- like truffles made with prunes and chocolate…and i wondered if these were really allowed….if anyone can lead me to a more comprehensive list i would really appreciate it..this diet is going to be hard enough!

    • Akiba Green /

      There are tools on my website, under food sensitivities. Our facebook page, Lake Norman Health and Wellness, also have lots of FREE resources. My patients get access to more as well. Think paleo-diet, with some modifications and you are on the right path.

  6. Natalie /

    I am at the end of day two of the program and am starving even though I am eating 5 times a day. I heard that you are not supposed to be hungry on this diet so why am I feeling so unsatisfied?

  7. Colleen /

    I just started the RepairVite program and am faithful in it. However, it’s been six days and I’m always feeling hungry. I am vegan / except occasional fish. I ate gluten free before this program. So I feel very deprived without enough carbs like brown rice.

  8. Mary Smith /

    I was wondering if stevia and/or cinnamon are allowed on the Repairvite diet.

  9. Belinda Marshall /

    I have been on an Intestinal Barrier Repair program utilizing RepairVite for 7 weeks now, out of a total of 12 weeks. It has been quite the challenge as I am a pescatarian but I have managed. However, now my dr is putting my 14 yr old daughter on it as well. No dairy, grains, nuts, beans, legumes, sugar, certain veggies. She is fit to be tied and I am having trouble figuring out how to feed her. She is also a pescatarian, a picky eater and doesn’t eat most of what I do. Not sure how to approach these next 12 WEEKS! Any suggestions? And is 12 weeks necessary? Thanks, Belinda

    • Akiba Green /

      Belinda, I can’t tell whether 12 weeks is necessary for you or your daughter without knowing your specific health problems, but I have many patients who need repairvite for much more than 3 months. Your daughter may need a Paleo style or Blood-type style diet (which repairvite would be considered), especially if she has autoimmune problems and/or neurological symptoms (ADD, Memory, Concentration, behavior issues, etc.). If she is otherwise healthy, she may or may not need to be on this full program very long. A great way to find out what she needs is to run Cyrex Labs Array #2 ( to test for Leaky Gut Syndrome markers. Testing is a large part of our office and it helps us identify what treatments a patient will need and how long they will need to stay on those treatments. Good luck and let me know if I can help. – Dr. Green

  10. Jennifer /

    Do you have any recipe ideas?? We are getting sick of eating the same five things.

  11. I have been now diagnosed with a viral infection,low vit D,borderline sugar and cholesterol..I have a diagnosed case of psoriasis…The psoriasis issue was completely eliminated with the Clearvite program and gluten elimination a year ago. I have the terrible skin rash back(psoriasis} It is on my legs,arms and back…It is very disparaging.My neurologist now has me on repairvite for two weeks with other supplements including probiotics. I am experiencing acid reflux also….my bathroom habits seem to be fine..I have read that Psoriasis is not a condition attributed to food sensitivies. what is your feedback?

  12. Francene Duncan /

    Is caffeine okay to have while on this “diet”? I’m normally a soda drinker to get my caffeine, because I don’t really like coffee, nor tea. However, I’ve been drinking for tea and want to make sure that any tea is okay, whether it has caffeine or not and whether a soda here and there is okay too?

    • Akiba Green /

      Caffeine is not allowed on the Repairvite diet. The alternatives are herbal tea (which is decaffinated) or Kombucha tea. For a soda alternative, you can try Zevia.

  13. Dr. Green-
    I have hypothiroidism for 5 years, and Ibs, gatritis and reflux for 4years.
    I have recently started to see a chiropractor (1 month ago) that is treating me using the
    Repairavite diet and formula. I’ve also done the sensitivity stool test which
    Shows gluten sensitivity only. However I’m off milk, soy, eggs etc as well. I was
    I also did a stool sample for gut parasites( both very expensive tests)
    Wondering in your experience what other testing is it necessary that I go
    through for someone according to my profile? Also what type of kombucha
    Tea do you recommend? Since most kombucha a sold in he stores contain
    some sort of sugar.

    • Akiba Green /


      View my thyroid workshop available on my thyroid page at where I go into detail about what tests I treat how we get patients better. Your chiropractor may be on the right track, but you can’t ignore hormones, thyroid levels, blood sugar, adrenal health, inflammatory markers, vitamin D, methylation impairment and anemia, liver and gallbladder function or other issues if you want to get better. You are suffering from a web of physiological dysfunction, and it’s not just one thing that you are dealing with but a myriad of problems leading to your dysfunction. I do offer distance medicine programs if you do not get results with your doctor. Also, make sure you were “negative” to the other foods and not “false negative” as I see many of my patients have false negatives when Cyrex Array #4 is run for food sensitivities if that is what he ran. If I can help you, let me know!

      Akiba Green, DC, BCIM, CGP

  14. Akiba Green /

    Please visit our main website at or email me at akiba at if you have questions for me about your health or to see if we can help you with your individual problems.

    Yours in health,

    Akiba Green, DC, BCIM, CGP

    • Davetta /

      Is it ok to take ClearVite with RepairVite? Your blog mentions taking ClearVite AFTER the RepairVite diet, but my Ayurvedic Dr has prescribed both at the onset. tks!

      • Akiba Green /

        Sorry for delay in responding. I do NOT take them together personally. I prefer to heal the gut then detox the body afterwards, although I do use other supplements with Repairvite at the same time.


  15. Jenna /

    I am wondering about xanthan gum on the Repairvite diet? I also saw from another question that you say pumpkin and sunflower seeds are OK, but when I look at the actual repairvite diet guidelines it says NO seeds? I am wondering about quinoa as it is a seed, not a grain.

    • Akiba Green /

      Do you mean eating it as a whole seed or classifying it as a seed? Quinoa is often-times very inflammatory to the body so I avoid it with my patients initially. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are fine for my patients 95% of the time. I am hearing more and more about the risks of xantham and guar gum so your concern is well placed. I would tend to eliminate if possible. I use Repairvite as a basis for my Paleo/SCD style diets in my clinic and modify it based on my clinical experience in helping patients.

  16. Faith /

    Hi there! I am on day 1 of a 4 week repairvite diet and was wondering if it is alright to continue taking prescription drugs such as adderall while on the diet?

  17. Biborka /

    Hi I’m moving in my 4th week of this program and I like the results so far, less foggy mind more energy.
    I have few questions tho.
    The bottles with liquids says that they content citric acid and xanthan gum, aren’t we suppose to watch for this in our daily diet?
    Secondly I couldn’t drink the repairvite with just water and I mixed up a little juice (no sugar) and tea so the repairvite would melt -was that ok?
    Thirdly I just found out 3 days ago that I’m sensitive to chicken and turkey and I’ve been eating tons of it so would tame my protein cravings but now that I can’t have it you have any suggestion for breakfast to replace those.
    Fourthly I ate lots of soups and vegetables and snack on fruits daytime but I found out that not all fruits are good? Where can read about which veggies or fruits are not good when you doing a cleans like this ? And my last question is now that I’m moving into 4 th week can I have (no gluten no sugar) oatmeal , granola or cereal ? I’m not familiar with the terms grains and oats. Thank you a lot for your response . Appreciate it.

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