Autoimmune Diet: Eating Out At Parties

Many of our patients are on the Autoimmune Diet so we’re dedicating a blog post each week to you!

Each week, we’ll post useful information, tips, and articles for Autoimmune Diet patients. This information will help you understand how to eat, what to eat, and give some tips for making this diet work in a busy lifestyle! Feel free to leave a comment or question about the Autoimmune Diet and we’ll cover it in one of the articles.

This will be an ongoing series, so stay tuned for more Autoimmune Diet information!

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Autoimmune Diet:  Eating Out At Parties


If you’re on ,the Autoimmune Diet, you know that the diet is very restrictive and many types of foods must be avoided. This can be a huge problem when you are invited to a party!

Don’t be overwhelmed by the stresses of eating at a party while on the Autoimmune Diet.  It can be done!

General Tips To Remember About The Autoimmune Diet:

  • Keep in mind that the Autoimmune Diet is a short-term protocol, usually 6-8 weeks. Keep that goal in mind as you go through this journey.
  • The purpose of the Autoimmune Diet is to REDUCE inflammation in your body and REPAIR the damaged intestinal lining helping to improve not only gut function but overall immune function long-term.
  • The Autoimmune Diet is meant to improve your health.
  • Eating every 2-3 hours is crucial to keeping your blood sugar stabilized and keeping cravings away.
  • You will not be eating any type of grain (gluten or gluten free) at all during the Autoimmune Diet protocol.

Eating At Parties

We all enjoy a party, whether its to celebrate the Christmas season, a birthday or just to share some time with friends.  Hopefully, parties won’t be a disappointment to you while you’re on the Autoimmune Diet!  Here are some tips to help you get through parties:

  1. Offer to host the party so you have a bit more control over the menu.  You will know what went into the food and can plan multiple dishes that work with your restrictive diet.
  2. If you’re attending a party somewhere else, bring a dish or two that you can eat (and share).  Search the Internet for recipes (Gluten Free & Dairy Free Blog) or find a good cookbook (The Complete Guide To Gluten Free and Dairy Free Cookbook).  Also, our Pinterest boards are a great resource!  Be sure to check out The Autoimmune Diet: Phase 1 for lots of recipes (including holiday recipes).
  3. If you know the hosts well, why not print out a gluten free food list to make things easy for them?  This list will help anyone understand what contains gluten!
  4. If the hosts are catering the party, find out who is catering the party and call and speak to them.  Many catering companies are set up to deal with food allergies/sensitivities and offer items you may be able to have.
  5. You could eat at home before the party, which not only prevents you feeling hungry while everyone else is tucking in, but you can honestly say, “I ate earlier, I really couldn’t manage another bite!”.
  6. Don’t always assume that there will be nothing for you to eat, as you may well be surprised!  Fruit and veggies (without the dips) are usually safe.  “Naked” meats are also generally safe (meats without sauces, marinades or seasonings).