Local Classes To Help Follow Autoimmune Diet

Most of Dr. Green’s patients follow his Autoimmune Diet (phase 1 or 2).  We give patients recipes when they begin this journey (in the new patient binder) and we have valuable recipes on our Pinterest pages.

In addition, we have found a resource in the Charlotte area (Mooresville) in Penny Overcash, a local chef/baker who specializes in allergy-friendly cooking and baking.  Her business Tendercrust is located in Mooresville and she offers much knowledge and services that may help our patients!    Penny will be offering classes in the local area that may benefit anyone with food allergies and who particularly avoids gluten!

Classes Offered By Tendercrust:

Gluten Free and Specialty Diet Classes
Each class will cover topics, answer questions and have a tasting of exceptional
Gluten Free Products – check details under Blog at www.tendercrust.com
$40.00 per class held at:
Gingras studios – 148 Ervin Rd Mooresville NC 28117

To sign up for these classes, contact Penny Overcash at 704-840-8189 or email:  cheftendercrust@gmail.com

Thursday, January 25th from 6pm – 8pm:  Recipes, Ingredients and More for a Gluten Free and Auto Immune Diet
This class will cover ingredient substitutions, and discuss all aspects of the detox diet without
gluten, dairy, eggs and grain. Recipes will be provided for various elements that you can make at home.
A discussion for local sources will be discussed as well as a demo on how to make dairy substitutes and
we will taste a variety of products to give you an idea of how to integrate new flavors and ingredients
into a more healthy diet and lifestyle.

Saturday, February 4th from 10am – 12:00pm:  Slow Cooker Cooking & Preparation for the Week
Plan your weekly menus in 2-3 hours of preparation on a day of your choosing.
Learn how to shop, prepare and have all ingredients in a container ready to place in your crock-pot
before you walk out the door to go to work. Have great, tasty and nutritious meals when you come
from work without the hassle of cooking and deciding the age-old question – “what’s for dinner?”
Recipes and lunch will be provided. Take the work out of cooking on a daily basis.

Thursday, February 9th from 6pm – 8pm:  Gluten Free Flours and Their Uses – Focaccia and Pizza Master Class
How to use Gluten free flours and what you can make with them, the how and why of different flours
and what flour will work for different preparations. This will also be a demo class on making GREAT
tasting Pizza and Focaccia – an Italian flat bread that is exceptionally good for eating. Learn how to live
with Gluten allergy and how to still enjoy the foods you love. Like Pizza!

Saturday, February 11th from 10am – 12:00 pm:  Gluten Free Sour Dough Basics – tired of bad bread? This class is for you!
This class will cover how to make a traditional sour dough starter with GF flours, and an in depth
discussion and demo on how to make sour dough bread using Gluten Free flours and your very own GF
starter. Learn how to keep a starter for years and how to feed and care for it. We will also discuss
variations for flavors and ingredients. Samples will be provided.