Lab Tests and Your Health

While considering the health of many of my patients, the concern over diagnostic tests often comes up. Of particular interest is the lab work many of my patients bring me. Besides being deficient in even a basic comprehensive blood panel, many of the lab tests don’t provide accurate data for the provider to assess health abnormalities.

Most labs use pathological ranges as their reference range. You will see values on labwork showing normal and then comparing the patient’s results to this “normal.” The problem is these lab ranges are not standardized between labs. They actuallu are developed from a statistical analysis of each labs own patients tests. Who typically gets blood work? Sick people! So the ranges are simply the range of HOW SICK someone is instead of how healthy they are!

Why does this matter you may stubbornly ask. Because providers scan these lists and often times just look for the “abnormal” findings and then say “I have a treatment or drug for that finding” without an understanding of what those values mean FUNCTIONALLY for the patient.

Functional ranges have been developed to make our lives easier and provide true understanding of a patients health condition. Several official bodies have developed these functional “healthy lab values.” The American Association of Clinical Chemists, Balancing Body Chemistry and even The Endocrine Society have developed ranges all doctors should use for lab analysis.

The biggest example I give is of thyroid health. TSH is thyroid stimulating hormone which is responsible for telling the thyroid to make active thyroid hormone. Lab values at most locations are typically ranged from 0.4-5.5. This is a huge range, but if you remember its a pathological range and not a healthy range, it makes sense. Sick people can have almost no thyroid function or very high thyroid function BUT the lab and most doctors will just think the thyroid values are normal. The Endocrine Society established a functional range ALL doctors should use but many don’t: 1.8-3.0 for TSH.

This example will leave you with a reason why you should always search for health providers who utilize Functional Medicine / Functional Endocrinology practices and training to treat there patients.

Our Cornelius Chiropractic office, Lake Norman Health and Wellness is one of the only Charlotte based natural health centers that has the training to Effectively Treat chronic pain conditions, metabolic syndromes, thyroid abnormalities, fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy and other conditions that allopathic medicine only manages (mostly for pain relief.)

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