Home Brewed Kombucha Tea

Our patients quickly learn about the benefits of fermented foods, especially if they go on the Repairvite diet.  The nutritional benefits of fermented foods are spectacular for people with leaky gut or digestive issues.  Be sure to read the article:  Repairvite: Fermented Foods Are Good For You.

Kombucha tea is a popular fermented food and more and more people are experimenting with making their own brew.  Don’t be scared…..it’s not too hard! 

Vocabulary Lesson

You many have to learn some new vocabulary.  Here are some words that you’ll need to know:

  • A SCOBY [sko • bee] is a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast.  Or, it’s the slimy thing in your kombucha tea.  You can either use a SCOBY that is given to you, or purchase one online from variety of sources here, here, here, or here, for example. You can also grow your own SCOBY if you can’t find one to buy. 

Make Your Own Kombucha Brew

There is a wonderful step-by-step article about making your own brew on the Balanced Bites site.  The author has perfected her own brew over time and seems to really know what works and what doesn’t!

Local Resource For Kombucha Tea

If brewing it yourself isn’t really your thing, be sure to check out Lenny Boy Kombucha tea, which is locally brewed and sold at Earth Fare and Healthy Home Market.