Concern With Dairy Alternatives Such As Almond Milk and Coconut Milk

There is some debate with packaged alternative milk being sold on the market (i.e. almond milk, soy milk and coconut milk).  Here is some additional information to help you understand this topic and controversy surrounding it.

Carrageenan: A Carcinogen in Organic Foods  coconut-milk

Recently, the Cornucopia Institute released a Video by it’s co-founder and Senior Farm Analyst, Mark Kastel and a full PDF Report that shares some very startling practices between the USDA and the NOSA “National Organic Standards Board”- the agency that regulates organic food. This report explains the details behind several allegations of corporate corruption that has allowed several agribusinesses to use chemicals in organic products without sufficient regulatory oversight.

One of the findings has to do with a carcinogenic ingredient all these products have in common, a substance derived from red algae called carrageenan.  Carrageenan can be found in most milk substitute products, infant formula, cottage cheese and some flavored coconut waters regardless if the product is certified organic by the USDA

The Food Babe has a great article about this carcinogen and you can read it HERE.

The bottom line is that this new report from the Cornucopia Institute detailed several specific studies that showed that food safe and approved “undergraded” carrageenan is containaminated with the non-approved degraded carrageenan. Furthermore, when you ingest the undergraded version, it actually starts to degrade in the gastrointestinal tract and in the liver and turn into a carcinogen, resulting in a serious inflammatory agent that also can cause intestinal abnormalities. Because of this reason and other studies conducted the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer and the National Research Council of the United States both have determined that carrageenan is a carcinogen – a substance that causes cancer.

RepairVite Diet Patients

There is also concern about these products on the Repairvite Diet due to the agave and other sweeteners used.  Below are some simple recipes you can use in your daily life.

Make Your Own Recipes

Coconut Milk (From Nourished Kitchen)

Coconut Milk Yogurt (From Real Food Kosher)

Coconut Milk and Coconut Milk Yogurt (From Yogurt Everyday)

Coconut Milk Ice Cream (From the Food Babe)

Easy Tutorial To Make Nut Milk (From Max at Living Maxwell)