Is Your Food Making You “High”? The Food Opiods

Caseomorphins and Gluteomorphins – The Food Opiods These morphine-like substances, casomorphin and gluteomorphin, which we derive from dairy and wheat respectively, are critical to our understanding of the power of these two foods in our health and well-being. Caseomorphins are formed during our attempt to digest casein, the...

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What is a whack-a-mole?   You may know it as a child’s game that involves using a hammmer to “whack” a mole that randomly pops up. Whenever another pesky mole pops up you “whack” it down. It can be very entertaining when it comes to playing with your son or daughter… but no fun at all when...

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The Importance of the Triglyceride/HDL Ratio

The published evidence is quite clear in documenting that the actual total cholesterol level itself is not the most important risk factor of cardiovascular disease. It is the ratio between the level of HDL-“good” cholesterol and total cholesterol that we need to be concerned about. Therefore, in adults, the...

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