Cancer Support Program

Dr. Akiba Green at Lake Norman Health & Wellness is proud to announce integrative cancer support for patients.


My desire to help the cancer patient is not taken lightly.  This path carries with it a heavy heart at times, but the potential to do great good for our patients.   The goal in Integrative Cancer Support is to take a life threatening illness and turn it into a chronic manageable condition. This goal can be achieved with a unique approach to care and I plan to spend the next few months, both in my BLOG and in monthly newsletters, talking about the specifics in our approach to cancer and a lot of the background behind why we even need an alternative or integrative approach to supporting cancer patients. lymphatic-system-3892

Keep in mind, I may be board certified in Integrative Medicine, board eligible as a Clinical Nutritionist, a Certified Gluten Specialist, and of course a Chiropractic Physician, but I am NOT an Oncologist. Only an oncologist can diagnose or treat cancer. I do not diagnose cancer. My role as a doctor is to try to figure out what is really wrong.

The biggest question for the cancer patient to actually not how to treat it but WHY did the cancer start growing in their body. By answering this question, we can truly help the patient long-term by addressing underlying causes of their pathology and not just treating the symptoms (the tumor) through traditional oncology.

Alternative treatment does NOT kill cancer; only your body can do that.

From an integrative perspective, my goal is to correct the environment that allowed the disease. Keep in mind that chemotherapy and radiation treatments may be the best option, however if not coupled with correction of this underlying cancer cause, it doesn’t take an oncologist to figure out that the cancer has a pretty good chance of re-appearing.

Through our unique approach to managing autoimmune conditions, reducing the impact of immune attacks on the body and through integrative and alternative therapies such as RIFE treatment and Oxygen therapy, it allows my office to improve the cancer patient’s health and quite possibly give them a real fighting chance to live with their condition and not have a death sentence.


RIFE Light Frequency Therapy




Rife Light Frequency Therapy helps patients with cancer, it helps Lyme’s disease, it helps kill infections, it helps detoxify the body better than many supplements, and I am proud to be able to offer it to our patient population.

RIFE technology was developed in the 1920s and 1930s by the microbiologist Dr. Royal Rife. It initially involved aiming specific sound frequencies at cancer patients to kill their tumor cells. The results documented at the University of Southern California and Pasadena County Hospital were phenomenal. Unfortunately, Rife’s technology was suppressed by the AMA in the 1930s and 1940s because of claims that the light frequency “killed cancer cells”.

Though Dr. Rife truly believed this was how the therapy worked, we now believe that the Rife therapy allows your body to recognize the frequencies and do its own job of helping to improve your health. Keep in mind that everything, including your body, my house and even light itself, is made up of energy vibrating at a specific frequency.

Bombarding cancer, biotoxins, molds, parasites, Lyme’s disease, viruses or other antigens with its own frequency simply vibrates it, making it recognizable to one’s own immune system for destruction.

Recent studies on Rife’s work in the Journal of Exp Clinical Cancer Research, Cancer Journal, Primary Care, Annuals of NY Academy of Science, Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine, Integrative Medicine Inisghts and Biomedical Science Instruments have all shown the same thing – Rife Therapy gives remarkable results.

For patients interested in supporting their autoimmune conditions, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, Lyme’s disease, Parasites and Biotoxins and even most Cancers, contact our office today to discuss sitting down with Dr. Green and exploring how TrueRIFE therapy could help you or your loved ones.





For the past several decades, the freedom of choice for patients has not existed when it comes to treatment of cancer. Patients have been herded into the medical machine of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation – often known as cut, burn and poison. Patients were shamed if they even thought about alternative care. Anyone daring to attempt a natural alternative was quickly labeled a quack and money-monger. Thank goodness for the internet; people can now do their own research and find answers that previously were only known to those with multiple letters behind their name. I am seeing a new movement over the past few years as patients demand an integrative approach to their care and are no longer satisfied with expected outcomes that are no better today than they were decades ago.

One of my mentors, Dr. Kevin Conners, has written one of the best books currently available on our unique approach to cancer treatment, known as Integrative Cancer Therapy. This new approach to helping those with a diagnosis of cancer incorporates the best of alternative and traditional care. Please download a copy of Dr. Conner’s book, “Stop Fighting Cancer and Start Treating the Cause,” and consider it mandatory reading for anyone working with our office.

This book was written for patients, real people who are seeking answers. Presented in an easy to read format that gives the reader a better understanding of common-sense ways to strengthen the immune system and enable the body to treat the disease. This book is a must-have for anyone ready to take responsibility for their health and I am proud to be able to offer a free copy to you for download today.  Just click the book cover to your left to download your copy and feel free to visit Dr. Conner’s website for info on his practice.